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Nikitane They're crooked love thieves, and you are their jailor.


Deleted scene from the very first episode

Nikita: Your cameras. I’m not having them in my apartment any more.

Operations: You’re not?

Nikita: No. And if you don’t like it, you can-

Operations: We can what?

Nikita: Cancel me, because I’d rather be dead than watched like an animal in the zoo.

Operations: Are you sure about that?

Nikita: I’m very sure.

Madeline: Somehow I don’t think it’s the mission you’re having trouble figuring out.

Nikita: How did he get here? What’s his life like outside? Does he even have one?

Madeline: Would knowing the answers make you perform your mission more efficiently?

Nikita: It might.

Madeline: Is it his life you want to know about, or his heart?

Nikita: Does he even have a heart?

Madeline: Michael loved once, very deeply.

Nikita: Simone.

Madeline: Some men can only love once. Whether Michael’s like that or not, I don’t really know.

Nikita: Gee, Madeline, I thought you knew everything.

Madeline: I know what I need to know, Nikita. If you can say the same, you’ll be all right. Get some rest.

Nikita: Good night, Madeline.